Let It Ride Strategies

by Gayle Mitchell

In this lesson, you will learn Let It Ride strategies and betting plus there is a payout schedule provided. 

Payout Schedule:

Royal Flush 1000 to 1
Straight Flush   200 to 1
Four-of-a-kind (quad)     50 to 1
Full House     11 to 1
Flush      8 to 1
Straight      5 to 1
Three-of-a-kind      3 to 1
Two Paid      2 to 1
Pair of Tens or better      1 to 1
Winning hands are paid for all bets riding in the betting circles.
Note: Some pay tables have a maximum payout of $25,000, so a $15 three-circle bet total for a dealt Royal Flush will net you the table max., while you are entitled to $45,000. Yikes!

To avoid this scenario and practice sound wager management, divide the max. pay by 3000 and use this amount to make your three bets. In our $25,000 example, that would be placing three bets of $8 each or less.
Let It Ride Strategies for this game depends on the player’s ability to collect a paying hand and when to Let It Ride. After viewing your first three cards, decide whether to let your first bet ride or not and after a fourth card, decide whether to let your second bet ride.
If your hand shows no promise by the fourth card, take your second bet back no matter what you did on the first bet. Keep in mind that your first and third bets can stay in play while you make this move.

Let it Ride Strategies or Betting Decisions with three cards revealed, should be as follows:

1)         Pair of Tens or better
2)         Possible Straight of 3-4-5 suited or higher.
            Possible Straight of A-2-3 or 2-3-4 suited should not be considered for this betting decision.
3)         Possible Straight from three suited cards with one or two gaps and/or high card(s). Examples are 9-10-Q and 8-10-Q.
Your second betting decision with four cards revealed should be determined as follows:

1)         Pair of Tens or better
2)         Possible Flush
3)         Four card possible straight that is higher than 7-8-9-10, but not A-K-Q-J unless a possible flush is happening.
Got a Buck? Offer: extra bonus payouts and tournament qualification can be yours with this additional bet strategy.
While this bet is ‘riding’, you can earn these bonus payouts+ for corresponding winning hands:

Straight $      20
Flush         50
Full House         75
4-of-a-kind (quad)        200
Straight Flush       2000
Royal Flush      20000

These payouts are in addition to regular winnings from betting decisions #2 and #3.
At the same time, you could become a tournament qualifier with this extra buck bet (say that three times fast).

Tournaments bring together those registered eligible players who have hit the top 100 hands previously. Royal Flushes definitely get you a seat at the table; however, Straight Flushes could be another qualifying hand.
After this Let It Ride Strategies lesson, you will know when to 'Let It Ride' and when to fold ‘em.

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