Slots Winners Millionaires

Here are the Slots Winners Millionaires--stories of  ‘huge hits’ over $5 million, worthy of the name MegaJackpots.
These ‘life changing’ jackpot choices are available both online and offline.

Penny Jackpot History is Made
It was a certain feeling that led a 66 year old Nevada man to play Penny Megabucks at the Pahrump Nugget Hotel and Gambling Hall.
The unusual move by this regular VP player made history with a gigantic $18.8 million win.
“I put in $100 and after playing $44, I saw five eagles line up and thought I had won about $3000,” the anonymous winner said. “Then I looked up and the large jackpot on top of the machine had switched from $18 million to $10 million. Then I knew I had won something big.” A trip to Australia and paying some bills are in the future for this new millionaire.
Galloping to the Winners Circle
Terry Bradburn ventured from his home in Nacogdoches, TX to Harrah’s Louisiana Downs Casino for a day at the races and some slots play. His huge strike of $5,750,270 galloped his way by playing his favorite quarter Double Blazing 7’s and only 30 minutes of his time. “I couldn’t believe it, it was just unbelievable” stated the 56- year-old Coca Cola manager. “My wife and I have been coming here for the past three years and we couldn’t be happier. This is really a fun place to be”.
MegaBucks Winner
An anonymous winner, but with a ‘magic’ story. A 71-year old, retired interior decorator, living in Vegas since 2000 was heading to the Orleans Hotel to see ‘The Magic of Rick Thomas’ but not before inserting $20 and taking a couple of spins at a Megabucks machine.
This unscheduled stop resulted in a huge strike of over $12 million.
“After several pulls, I saw the first Megabucks symbol fall into place, then the second and then the third. It was all in slow motion, watching them drop down one at a time. But I knew right away I had won.”
A Big Win at Wynn
Joey Penn knew that one credit was not enough to continue playing for the Megabucks jackpot, so he wisely inserted another $100. while playing at Wynn Resort in Las Vegas.
The 38-year old owner of a successful truck stop and partner in a construction company in Zachery, LA, struck for $12,317,717, the Megabucks jackpot in short order. “I saw the first two symbols and thought, “that’s got to be good. Then the third symbol lined up and I said, that’s the big one.” Penn gives credit to his wife Melissa who suggested he play the machine next to her.  “She told me to sit down and play it,”
“Melissa had won $30,000. on our last trip to Las Vegas. We thought that was amazing and even commented on how we would never top it.” Penn stated. “Just before it hit, I had told my wife that somebody has to hit it, so why not us?”
The future as stated by the millionaire is “I’m buying her a Bentley Continental GT and funding the children’s college education.”
As they are building a new home, the trip to Vegas included a stop at the World Market Center for decorating ideas. “We will definitely be upgrading the interior now,” Penn laughed.
Huge Millions
The Cannery in Vegas adds another Megabucks winner to the history records. $20,591,025. goes to an anonymous 64-year-old local retiree. The new multi-millionaire stated that only four pulls and $12 was enough for a huge strike.
“My friend told me, Megabucks is going to hit,” said the retiree. “I couldn’t believe I won.” This lucky lady will pay off her mortgage and buy a new car.
Before the Tournament Begins…
Katherine Salavant, a retired nurse was awaiting the start of a slots tournament at the Isle of Capri when the $8 million sign above a Wheel of Fortune quarter progressive carousel caught her eye. Shortly, the big MegaJackpot struck for $8,224,611. “I guess you can say I was sitting at the right machine at the right time”, said the shocked winner. “My husband just walked away and I knew I had to find him fast and tell him I won the jackpot.”
Future plans for Salavant were stated as “I will probably purchase a new car and enjoy my retirement a bit more.”
AC in the Record Books
Josephine Crawford, 84, loves her slots even though her biggest win was only $1000. Now, she is in the record books for a huge hit of $10 million playing a nickel Megabucks at Harrah’s, Atlantic City. 
The retired waitress plays a couple of times a week in AC since 1978 and this trip found her down to a final $5 before striking the winning jackpot.
Future plans include a trip to Italy, where her parents grew up and she plans to share her winnings with her two daughters, five grandchildren and three great-children. “Somehow, I’ll spend it. I’ll spend it at the casino and I might go to Vegas.”
$5 Wheel Winner
Glenrose Fatturi, a retired waitress from Crystal Falls, MI said she was visiting the casino for a wedding and said, “I had $100 left and decided to play the $5 Wheel. I thought about nickels, but then thought, what the heck.”
The decision to play $5 instead of 5 cents resulted in a huge hit of a $5,213,986 Wheel of Fortune MegaJackpot at the LacVieux Desert Casino. The awe-struck winner said she didn’t realize she had won the top award because she was only thinking, “hit the max.” It wasn’t until the people around Fatturi got excited and the slots tech told her she had won the $5 million progressive that the shakes set in. Fatturi stated that “reality has not sunk in yet, but that she is cautious and won’t jump into anything for a while”.
California Slots Winner
The 5.5 Million MegaJackpot on a Wheel of Fortune is one of the largest slots machine win in CA.
Alvenia P Stephens, 48, of Panorama City, CA arrived in the afternoon at the casino in a chartered bus with her family and departed in a chauffeured limo paid for by Fantasy Springs, Indio, CA. after she hit a jackpot of $5,537,958. Stephens, who works as a teacher’s aide and hospital nutritionist, initially thought she had won $5,000 after playing for approx 20 minutes. “I visit Fantasy Springs because it’s my favorite casino.”
As for the huge load of cash, Stephens plans to trade in her 1983 Toyota Tercel for new and visit her family in the Philippines. The previous record was a $3.1 million.
The First Time
Beverlee Grove of Albuquerque, NM decided to try the MegaBucks for the first time and that’s all it took for this new millionaire. “I still have goose bumps,” said Groves. “I found a dollar at the airport and said at the time that is was a lucky sign. I just never guessed how lucky.” The win of $8,065,000 for this 46-year-old real estate escrow officer will provide for her parents and daughter as she accepted the first of 25 annual installment payments.
A Mississippi Biggie
Isle of Capri in Biloxi produced a huge win of $13,789,894 for Chris Guy Loewen of Mobile, AL. The lucky winner playing a quarter Jeopardy Progressive became the largest winner in Mississippi history and promptly fell out of his chair when told his winnings were much more than $13,000.
“I knew the jackpot was ready to hit and I was going to win it. I just felt lucky.” said Loewen. His plans are, “Spend it on my family and not be poor anymore.”
It’s a Team Effort
The Edgewater Casino on New Year’s Eve was the plan for long-time friends, Karen Beverly and Rosemary Greene. A correct hunch, in hindsight, steered Rosemary to advise Karen to play a specific Wheel of Fortune progressive with the enticement of a $100 bill.
In addition, Ms. Greene was ‘right on the money’ as her teammate hit for $6,768,407 after using up only 52 credits. The split pot will be shared with family members plus a special bonus of a new car.
In the World Records Book
A Santa Ana, CA. man celebrated his 70th birthday and will go in the world records book with his 25-cent machine jackpot.
Manuel Herrera was playing Wheel of Fortune quarters at the Flamingo in Laughlin, Nevada, when he won the $8.4 million jackpot. A retired restaurant worker, Herrera was visiting Laughlin on a bus tour when his $30 cash outlay made him a millionaire.
He said, “he was preparing to leave the casino but decided to play just a little longer.”  “The bank of machines was busy with players on both sides of him and he had a feeling about that particular machine.”
As for the winnings, Herrera explained that he has 5 sons, 5 daughters, 45 grandchildren and 16 great grandchildren, so there’s no lack of places to spend his riches.

A Return Visit Sets a Record.
Richard Lee Massey reflects on his record setting win, “I have been here several times before and always play the same machine. 
I was just hoping to win 1,000 coins” He certainly did better than that while playing Jeopardy! that paid out $ 8,152,574 at the Hollywood Casino.
This was one of the largest progressive jackpot in the history of Louisiana gaming dating back to 1993. With a cash outlay of only $40, this firefighter will likely take an early retirement.
LA Millionaire
Kyle DeVillier won more than $8 million at the Delta Downs Racetrack. He was visiting his family and they decided to travel to Delta Downs in the hopes of winning a Hummer, but one of them left with one of the largest jackpots in Louisiana’s history. He bet $8 on the Wheel of Fortune machine and played it down to $7 before he hit. “I don't know why this happened. I guess it was just my time,” said the 43-year-old DeVillier, a Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife game warden. “I had weak knees”, DeVillier said, after realizing he had become a multimillionaire. Future plans include a larger home and sending his two children to college.
The Fifties Were Indeed Fabulous
The Players Club was the setting for Linda Crosby of Houston who selected a Fabulous Fifties machine to play.
After a two-quarter play, she was a winner with a  $5,557,028 jackpot. Crosby’s reaction was, “I’m in shock. I can’t believe this has happened to me. I can now buy my aunt a car and help some people who are important to me.”
Where Are My Credits?
A very lucky player got the winning Megabucks alignment on the first 3-dollar spin upon his initial investment of a $10 bill. The jackpot hit at Caesar’s, Las Vegas for a whopping $21 million. The new millionaire’s immediate concern was whether he would receive the unplayed seven credits due him. I’m sure he got them back as they would be suitable for framing.  
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