General Poker Terms and Lingo

This poker terms and lingo lesson means we are not quite finished with the game of poker. With Holdem, Omaha and Stud poker terms completed, it is time to present some general terms and lingo to increase your vocabulary and impress your fellow gamblers. This lesson is part of the Learn Poker Program.

Poker Terms and Lingo: A - B
Add-on: refers to purchasing additional tournament chips.
Aggressive: player who raises and re-raises often.
Belly Buster: poker term for an inside straight draw. Example 5679 requires an 8.
Berry Patch: a smooth and easy game.
Blank: card that has no advantage to any player.
Boat: poker lingo for a full house.
Bullets: a pair of aces in the hole--worth a smile!

Poker Terms and Lingo: C - E
Calling Station: player who calls many bets, however rarely bets/raises his own hand.
Catch/Catching Cards: the game is in your favor—time to raise.
Chop: occurs when players receive their blinds back and go to the next hand.
Come Hand: poker lingo for a hand that needs an improvement in order to win the round.
Cowboys: refers to the king cards.
Dead: hand that is out of play and out of possible winnings.
Dominate: an almost certain winning hand. 
Drop or Fold: this hand is gone and not worth betting.
Eight Ball: poker term for $800.

Poker Terms and Lingo: F - K
Family Pot: all players at the table are in the pot.
Favorite: there is an expected winner here.
Felt or Down to the Felt: poker term for a player who is down to a few chips.
Fishhooks: poker lingo for the 4 jacks.
Foul: a losing hand in paigow poker that is not set properly. Example: low hand is set higher than the 5-card high hand. 
Free-roll: For online poker, this term refers to play against others for no fee, also called free-rolling.
Freeze-out: poker jargon for no re-buy at tournaments.
Gutshot: one-card draw to complete an inside straight. Example is 67910, looking for an 8.
High Hand: poker lingo for the best hand.
Isolate: action to focus on one player by attempting to eliminate all other players.
Joker or Wild Card: extra card in a 52-card deck that is played as a wild card. 

Poker Terms and Lingo: L - O
Ladies: poker lingo for the 4 queens.
Loose: refers to player who holds and plays plenty of hands.
Monster: an almost certain winning hand--Congrats!
Muck: the discard pile for poker.
On the Finger: monies received on credit.
On Tilt: going into wild play mode after a bad hand.
Overpair: refers to a higher pair than the best card on the board in flop games. Example: You hold QQ and the flop is J34.

Poker Terms and Lingo: P-Q
Playback: action where a player raises an opening bet.
Play on your Belly: poker lingo for legal play, no cheating here.
Protect: poker lingo for increased betting or otherwise attempting to eliminate players who could outdraw your hand.
Quads: four of a kind—a very sweet hand.
Qualifier: refers to the minimum standard a hand must meet to qualify for all or part of the pot. Example: dealer must have an ace/king or better to continue the round for Caribbean Stud Poker.

Poker Terms and Lingo: R - S
Rake: a percentage and/or flat fee deducted from the pot after each betting round for the house services.
Re-buy: purchasing additional chips after initial buy when playing a tournament.
Rock: player who raises or folds and rarely calls.
Running: got 'em! to receive the cards you need by last two cards dealt.
Sailboats: poker lingo for a pair of fours starting hand.
Sandbag: strategy used to check and then raise the opener to increase the pot.
Short Pair: poker lingo for a pair that is lower than the openers.
Shotgun: poker game where betting begins once the third card is dealt.
Stonewall: player who continues to hold a weak hand.
Straight: refers to 5-card sequence, example: 78910J.
Stringer: poker lingo for a straight.

Poker Terms and Lingo: T – Z
Talon: poker slang lingo for the rest of the deck after the deal.
Thirty days or Thirty miles: poker lingo for 3 tens.
Tiger: poker term for a low hand.
Tight Player: poker term for a cautious player who rarely bets on weak hands.
Trap: occurs when a player has to call a big raise to stay in the game.
Unlimited Poker: no bet or raise limits here.
World Series of Poker WSOP: the granddaddy of all poker tournaments played at Binion's Horseshoe Casino in Vegas yearly for the gold bracelet.

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