Online Winners: Their Stories

Make room for the Online Winners and the jackpot stories behind their large hits at casinos.
At one time, Big Strikes were hit mainly at land-based casinos, but no more.
This report details the stories of online winners.
1) Daydreaming Divorced Dad Looks Forward to Gloating Over $200K Jackpot Win
Luck has changed for a divorced dad who won the largest progressive jackpot ever at The player known as “Forgomo”, who was daydreaming while playing when he suddenly had $200,111 in his account, doesn’t expect much teasing about his slot machine hobby from his sons any more.
“Of course, I can hardly wait to tease my kids next weekend when they come over,” said the divorced father of two who only recently returned to after a three year break from playing online. “I have a feeling that I will be able to take a lot of ribbing from them on any losing streak I might have in the future!”
The week of his record-breaking win, Forgomo made a $200 deposit on the weekend while his sons were watching TV. He started playing one of his favourites, Heavy Metal.
“I remembering relaxing with my coffee and slowly spinning each round, even daydreaming a bit about what I should do that evening, when suddenly it happened. I ended up winning it by holding two Triple 7 symbols on line C and watching the third Triple 7 symbol end my spin.
It took me a moment to actually register that the huge amount in my bankroll was from the jackpot, but once it did I just stared for the longest time, shaking my head and laughing uncontrollably!”

Mum-of-three Jo Collins is an online winner of more than £162,000 – a world record
Jo, a SpecialNeeds School driver, had been playing Gala Bingo Online for only five days when she scooped £162.701.97.
She said, ‘I’m going to pay off the mortgage, and the car, and go out to Australia to see the long-lost friends who introduced me to my husband. I have three grown up children and ten grandchildren and we are going to have a great party.’
Jo is also a Meals on Wheels volunteer. She has been married for 35 years.
She added, ‘I was at my daughter Melanie’s house when I realized I’d won a big prize. ‘We just went mad and danced around. When I told my husband Mervyn, he thought I’d picked up £1,600. You should have heard him when I explained that I had won over £160,000.'
‘I’m going to carry on with my driving job. The Special Needs kids rely on people like me to get them to school.’ The previous highest recorded win was £130,000.
3) $1.3 Million Video Poker Win
Bodog created a new online winner via the ‘double up’ feature on their Jacks or Better game. The anonymous player began his lucky streak when his $5 wager found a pair of queens earning him $5.
And that’s when things went wild. With his small victory, he took advantage of the option to double up which gives players a 50% chance of winning each time. After doubling up successfully a further 16 times, the player topped out with a massive $1.3 million.
“I thought about cashing out after breaking $40,000, but decided to continue,” said the player. “Then when I broke one million, I was tempted by the thought of doubling up on over one million dollars, but finally decided against it”.

4) Records were broken when Lucky Nugget Online Casino player, Jim L was an online winner for a staggering $1,683,526.64 on the Major Millions Progressive Jackpot, the largest single jackpot ever won on the Internet to date.
The online winner, Jim L., a trucking company expediter inWisconsin, will receive his groundbreaking win in the form of a single cash payment and plans to put it to good use by moving to a farm, building a house and investing in property.

A 90-cent bet by a UK player at a Millionaires Club slot scored a huge instant online winner of  $1,768,554. at InterCasino. The history books record this to be the second largest hit for internet gaming.
Millionaires Club is a 9-line progressive slot that gives players anywhere an instant chance at a lottery-sized win paid out in one lump sum.
The game, playable in US Dollars, Pounds Sterling or Euros, offers an initial jackpot amount of 175,000 in all three currencies that grows with every wager.
The game combines multi-line slots with the excitement of a video slot bonus round. After a spin, the player can be transported to the bonus round, where they are faced with the first of three spinning wheels adorned with various no risk cash awards.
The player is then awarded that amount in chips. But if the player lands on an arrow, the middle wheel begins spinning. Three consecutive arrows pay out the jackpot prize.

6) Prima Network’s Bad Beat progressive Jackpot paid out with smiles and cash for ten poker players. Prima launched the progressive jackpot with a $50,000 contribution that increased to $92,814 won when two players set the stage for an unbelievable poker tale.
At a $1/$2 bad beat table, ‘DoctorHowser’ held pocket nines versus ‘Eldkvarn’s” 10c-8c.
A flop of 7c-9c-6c turned the weaker hand into the nut straight flush, at the same time giving DoctorHowser the third nine. Eldkvarn called the $8 bet and the turn showed the 8s promoting the all-in push for $13.50 and call from Eldkvarn. But the river turned this bad read into a bad beat. Out came the 9d giving DoctorHowser 4 nines and though still not improving his hand to beat Eldkvarn, it did give him a good enough hand to take home the $32,484 bad beat jackpot.
Eldkvarn walked away with a bigger bankroll as well, winning $16,242 for standing up to such an impressive hand.
The Bad Beat Jackpot takes a bit of the rake from the pot and transfers it to a progressive jackpot. This prize is won when a player loses with at least four-of-a-kind eights or better. Additionally, 70% of the prize is shared among all players seated at the table.
7) Deal or No Deal's record Jackpot was won at a staggering £965,728, over £330,000 more than the game's previous record!
The luckiest ever online winner is 27-year-old Emira B from Dewsbury in West Yorkshire.
"Thank you so much. I'm in shock. It's unbelievable. I've just told my family. They sort of believe me! They didn't even know that I played. I told them to look and that I'd won the Jackpot. It's not sunk in yet. Oh my God."
Emira fled to the UK from Bosnia in 1992. She came with her baby brother and very little spoken English. Over time she has improved her language skills although life has been hard. Not long after she settled in the UK, her young brother passed away in a car accident.
After the win, Emira said about her future plans, "Me and my family will be sorted!
I've got work tomorrow but don't know if I'll go. I work as a therapist in a Beauty Salon. Perhaps I'll buy one and be my own boss!"
8) HeidiB, a teacher from Ohio is a newly minted millionaire striking the big one at Lucky Nugget Casino for $1,216,557 at a King Cashalot progressive slot.
“I’ve been keeping an eye on the King Cashalot total, but had only wagered $40.50 when it happened.” said Heidi, the online winner.
“I couldn’t believe I had actually won –it is still hard to believe. I’ve won smaller amounts during the 4 years that I have been playing online, but not even in my wildest dreams did I ever think I’ll be able to call myself a millionaire.”

9) Having placed $3.90 on RoxyPalace at online progressive slot King Cashalot, Amanda R from Plymouth, England is one of the highest online winners in the UK.
Taking home a cool $1,427,369.74, Amanda had spent $240 on the day before she won, and with her 61st spin took home the Jackpot.
10) Massachusetts player ‘Iringion’ hit a $116,828. jackpot while playing the Wild Heart slot machine. “I wasn’t even a real slot fan before this,” said Iringion. “I used to prefer online poker and other card games, but after this experience, you can be sure I love spinning slots now.”
The online winner decided to try out Slotsland’s unique games after learning that several are card games. "I just figured that there are more slots and players probably play the slots more often than the card games, which is why I see so many slot machine jackpots.
I did recall Striking Sevens hitting recently, so I really was not expecting the jackpot by playing the card games. When the cards came up, I will never forget seeing that beloved jack of diamonds fall on the bottom line."

11) Brenda J, an online winner from Canada hit for $645,356. at a Gold Rally $2 progressive slot. The self-employed mother of 4 was stunned in describing her win.
“When it first hit I did not believe it & played another round. Then I woke up my husband and asked him if I was crazy or did I just hit the Jackpot?  First thing he asked was--are you playing for fun or real?
I said for real, honey. He confirmed it and we both just gazed at each other in disbelief. I started shaking all over. Holy smoke, I did it, I just kept telling myself. It's still so hard to believe.”

Future plans include braces for her youngest and pay some bills.

12) A 48 year old man from Portsmouth won over £2 million at Gala Coral’s betting and gaming website. Playing on MegaJackpots Cluedo with Free Spin Mystery Bonus, the player won £2,086,585 by lining up five MegaJackpots symbols on the centre pay-line with a maximum bet play.
Gala Coral deploys the game via WagerWorks. The company has confirmed that it is the largest online winner ever by a British bookmaker customer.

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The largest progressive slots jackpot to date at a land-based casino of $39,713,982. was won on Friday 3/21/03 on an IGT Megabucks machine at the Excalibur in Las Vegas.
The winner, who requested anonymity, was a 25-year-old software engineer from Los Angeles.
He said he had played about $100 on the machine when he turned his head away from it for an instant. He looked at the machine again, the winning symbols had lined up.

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