Horseracing System 2

by Vincent Conti

Horseracing System 2 or The Frontrunner Special discusses horses that use up their speed.  
No matter how long the race, whether a sprint or a mile or over a mile, some horses love to run up front and eventually get caught by most of the field.
This is somewhat common in horse racing. Horses are sometimes tough to control and a good jockey knows how to handle them. You’ll always notice a horse run 1 1 1 2 2 3 and finish in 3rd.
However, the front runners that apply here are the horses that use up their speed in its prior 2 races only. This strategy does NOT apply to horses that have a history of using up their speed, but does apply only to those who use up their speed in their previous two races.
I will show you the difference.

This horseracing system 2 has been proven to produce many long shot winners and with a keen eye and wagering discipline, you can locate these horses in the daily racing form at any track and in any type of race.
Here are the rules for this horseracing system to follow:
Look for the horse in a race that used up its speed in his previous race or in both of its previous starts. 
The horse must have finished out of the money in its prior race only. Fourth place or worse.
The horse must have been in one of the top three positions during the first, second or third point of call.
The current race distance is not a factor. For example, if a horse uses up his speed in its prior race at six furlongs and the current race is over a mile….it does not matter. Ignore it! Ignore the distance.
This concept is very simple to follow but hard to figure.
A horse’s ability to run in the top three positions at two points of call makes that horse competitive. Some horse’s do this 90% of there racing career….these are the horses that we need to eliminate when analyzing a race.
I am only interested in a horse’s prior two races of front running.
In some instances, a horse may have won the race two back, then followed that win by using up its speed and ending up 4th or worse. Now that same horse is running again and it will go to the front again. This may sound confusing.
Take a look at this example:
Last two races of Sir Laff A lot: Points of call ( 1 1 2 5 )
5Apr 10op  6  fst:22 :45 :1:12 3yo  15000c 13k 71 8 1 1 2  5 Mckee  l 124lb   3.50 etc.
Points of call = 8  1  1  2  5  = Post 8, had lead and weakened to 5th place.
  Points of call ( 2 3 5 5 )
17Mar 3op  6  fst:22 :46 :1:11 3yo  32000c 17k 72 3 2 3 5 5 Mckee   l 121lb  5.50 etc. 
Points of call = 3  2  3  5  5 = Post 3, front running 2nd and 3rd and faded to 5th place
Here you will notice the horse Sir Laff Alot. In its previous race, the horse led the race in the first two points of call. While slowing to 2nd place and finally finishing in 5th place.
Prior to that race Sir Laff Alot had some early speed while running in 2nd and then 3rd position before tiring and finishing in 5th place.
Its prior two races were run with early speed and tiring out of the money.
Sir Laff Alot is a perfect candidate for the front runner special.
The following race, the horse went wire to wire that day paying $7.80 to win. The exacta paid $51.00.
Another example of the front runner special horseracing system 2:
This is a maiden race at Charles Town. The #6 horse Major Sugar Rush only has two lifetime races. In its prior two races this horse had early speed. In both starts, he wanted to go to the wire but slowed considerably. 
As the rules apply here, the horse used up and finished 4th or worse in its last start (both starts actually) prompting me to make a wager in its current race. Major Sugar Rush wins easily and pays a handsome $14.80. The exacta paid $219.00. A $2.00 exacta #6 with ALL paid a nice dividend.

There are just 3 simple steps when applying the Front Runner Special horseracing system 2.
A simple $2.00 across the board wager has a nice return on a front running long shot. I find most of the horses that apply to this strategy usually go off at long odds. I also like the exacta wager with “All” being part two of the exacta.
For a small investment, you can receive nice returns applying the Front Runner Special.
Wager type: WPS and Exacta
Race Type: Apply to Claiming races.

Win Percentage
: This horseracing system 2 can be applied to any type of horse race.
The Front Runner Special has a win percentage of 62%, with the majority of the winners being of long odds.

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Horseracing System 3 is about Maiden Claiming and Maiden Special Weight Races.
Have you ever noticed how many maiden races are listed on the daily program at any given track and that this is the more common of the daily races?  
At most horseracing tracks the pick 6 wager usually starts with a maiden race and ends with a maiden race. Some days there may be three to four maiden races on a given program.

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