Gambling Strategies 101

by Gayle Mitchell

Every casino player knows Gambling Strategies 101 is a requirement, so let's begin…
Hey Binky--yeah, you in the corner, sitting and watching the action because you've lost your money in the first couple of hours of play. You need a fast-track casino education.
Cheer up, tag along with me, and learn how to have more fun, make your gambling dollars last longer and walk away with money.

In my years of writing and teaching seminars about Gambling Strategies 101, I routinely focus on two key areas of education that beginners should examine in preparation for any casino visit.
Those two areas are the best games with specific gambling strategies and wager management.
Table games and slots with certain playing conditions and/or rules determine the casino/house advantage or cp (casino percentage).

Therefore, you should target specific gambling strategies for games that, when played correctly, will result in a casino advantage of less than 3%. I have listed some of the best games and strategies below.

Additionally, a wager management plan is essential before any casino visit.
In planning this gambling strategy, you decide what you will spend, how big your bets will be and when you will quit playing. Start by deciding on the total bankroll and divide into 4-hour sessions.
When any session finds you ahead of your original amount, it's time to take a break.

Following are five of the best casino bets and gambling strategies 101 for them:
1) Blackjack: With learned strategies, you can reduce the casino advantage to the much-desired even odds utilizing solid hit/stand strategies and card counting.

2) Video Poker is the best machine bet. The two techniques that are mandatory to becoming an educated and prepared video poker player are:
A) how to read a pay schedule with additional education to know the difference between short/partial pay and full-pay versions, plus
B) corresponding strategies for each of the VP games selected.
Examples of the best 'full-pay' schedules are: 9/6-Jacks or Better,
9/5-Deuces, Jokers Wild, 8/5-Bonus and 10/7-Double Bonus VP.

3) Craps: there are very good and very bad bet decisions in this game, however the intelligent gambler knows and plays the difference to their advantage.
Four of the good bets are Pass Line, Come plus both with Odds bets.

4) Baccarat and Mini-Baccarat is the recommended game for casino players who want to learn a card game with a low house advantage and an alternative to blackjack. Easy to learn and easy decision here: Bet Banker or Player.

5) Certain Slot Machines: three types are placed at most casinos online and off-basic slots with a single payline, progressives and bonus slots.
Basic, single payline slots with a maximum of two coins and dollar denomination offer the biggest hit for your gambling bucks.

When you are ready to expand your casino education, you should include the games of Live Poker, Pai-Gow Poker and Sports Betting.
You will find Learn to Win Gambling Strategies for all these games and more at Gambling Teachers.
Additionally, casino selections must be a consideration, as 'locals' casino offerings and comps definitely favor the player.
Online players: take the time to search out the top picks and reward programs.
With these best bets in the hands of educated gamblers, they are provided the envious advantage of diversification--moving confidently from one game to another, with the knowledge and tools to profit from any casino experience.
Normally, casinos "hold all the cards," so to speak, with high odds against gamblers winning. However, there are ways to restack those odds in your favor.

With short-term play, for example, the law of averages does not have time to kick in and a knowledgeable player has a good chance of overcoming the casino's stranglehold.

Lastly, remember, "Not only do you have good luck with a gambling education, but you are making your luck with Gambling Strategies 101."

From Gambling Strategies 101, the Top 10 Casino Games is next.
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