Darts Games

Darts games use small pointed arrows that are thrown strategically at a dartboard, a circular target suspended on a wall.
Darts games are widely played in the UK, traditionally played in pubs. The game is also popular in the Netherlands, Scandinavia, Ireland, US and other European countries utilizing different versions.
Played between two competitors, taking turns throwing, this is one sports game that requires less play space in comparison to other indoor/outdoor sports games.
This lesson at Learn Sportsbetting program continues with the history of the game, rules, versions and terms.

Darts Games: History
It is believed that the game began when bored English soldiers challenged each other by throwing their spears on overturned wine barrels as the target and later a cut up tree trunk was used.
As tree trunks have rings, this proved suitable for keeping score.
With the passing of time, the arrow became shorter in length, and eventually regulated to a length of 4 inches with feathers and a metal tip attached to the other end.
In years gone by, a dartboard was called butt. This word originates from the French word butte that means a target.
By early 1900, the rules for this sports game were established and standardized as to the size of the board, the throwing distance, size of the dart arrows as well as the numbering system on the dartboard.
In 1976, the World Darts Federation (WDF) was created with almost 60 organizations worldwide participating.
Today, there are two professional organizations: British Darts Organization established in 1973 and the other one is the Professional Darts Corporation created in 1994. 

Darts  Games: Rules
In the UK alone, there are many regional versions of the game.
For example, the log end board version is played in Yorkshire, Staffordshire and parts of Manchester.
These boards have a single, inner bull and do not have a treble ring unlike the standard dartboard. The other popular board variation is the London fives board. It has 12 equal segments numbered 20, 5, 15, 10, 20, 5, 15, 10, 20, 5, 15, 10 where the doubles and triples are1/4 inches wide.
The standard dartboard is divided into 20 segments in black and white color numbering
1 to 20 scorings with a round circle in the middle of the board known as the bulls-eye or the inner bull in red color and the outer part of the eye called the outer bull in green. 
If the dart hits the black or white section of the board, it scores the number of that particular segment.
Every number in each segment has two small rectangular scoring sections in red and green color. The furthest from the bulls-eye scores a double of the number of that particular segment and the closest to the bulls-eye scores a triple of the number of that segment.
When a dart hits the outer bull in green color, it scores 25 points, and when it hits the bulls-eye--the red center portion of the board, then it is a 50 points score.
According to the BDO--in any standard dart game, the height of the dartboard from the floor and the center bulls-eye to the ground level should be 5ft and 8 inches and the player who throws darts must stand at a distance of about 8 ft from the dartboard in horizontal.

Darts Games Versions:
The most popular, official games played are the 301 and the 501. Two players take turns in throwing up to three darts each. Each one starts with a set score of 301 points in a 301 game or with 501 points in a 501 game. The aim is to minus whatever scores they have made from 501 or 301 set of points to finally reach a zero.  Whoever reaches zero first is announced the winner. 

In 301 darts games, the rule is that the player must hit a double to start subtracting from the 301 set of points. In other words, a player must hit the same number twice. To score a zero, a player must throw his/her last dart and should hit a double or the red portion of the bulls-eye to bring the score exactly down to zero to win the game. Otherwise, the player’s game comes to an end and his/her score goes back to the beginning of the game.
In a 501 game, it is not required for a player to score a double to start subtracting his/her points.
Like the 301 game, in order to end the game a player must hit a double or the bulls-eye to bring down the score to zero.
The maximum score with three darts is 180. This score is determined when all the three hit the triple section of 20 on the dartboard.

Other versions of the 501 game are 601, 801 and 1001.
Additionally, there are some entertaining names for darts games.  These sports games are Jumpers, Killers, Round the Clock, Cricket and Tactics are played with various scoring techniques.

There are many sports games played online; golf, bowling, billiards and car racing to name a few.
Also, sportsbook or sports betting is immensely popular online offering the sports skill games of football, rugby and soccer.

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Tips, Terms & Wins

Snooker is another billiards version and is played on a rectangular shaped table with 6 pockets.
In snooker, the cue ball is used to strike and pocket the object balls in one of the 6 pockets.
There would be six different colored balls each assigned with points. Example: yellow=2 points. Each ball should be potted in a sequence and points are awarded accordingly.
The player with the most points wins the frame. The player who has the maximum frame wins out of 19 frames is declared the winner of the match.

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