Tale of Two Craps Shooters

by Frank Scoblete

This lesson is about two craps shooters and their playing methods at the Learn to Play Craps program.
The tale begins with Joe 1 and Joe 2 who describe themselves as $5 players. They are true craps aficionados, these craps shooters, true devotees of the game. It is their passion.
Now, Joe the First is a loser, however, because craps is a game that has a house edge for all but a few who have mastered the hard-earned knack of shifting the odds in their favor by how they roll. Neither Joe is in that category of player.

Joe the First is a cautious bettor. He makes small Pass Line bets and backs them with odds. He also makes two Come bets and backs these with odds as well. He never makes the Crazy Crapper high house-edge bets in the middle of the craps table nor does he make the Field bet. “I play very close to the vest. While I am down in my craps career, I am not down so much that it has any effect on my life. I love to play the game of craps and I will continue to play.”
Indeed, Joe the First, craps shooter is correct.
His style of play has given him an enjoyable pastime that doesn’t overlap or interfere with his non-gambling life. This is a man who has a hobby that is fun and in control. “I rarely lose all the money that I bring to the casinos. If things are going poorly, I have no problem figuring I’ll stop now and play later. I work too hard for my money.”

Joe the Second, craps shooter is an entirely different story. He might consider himself to be a $5 player but his losses are rather large nevertheless. He loves to make the Crazy Crapper bets and the hardways bets.
“I come to win a lot of money. I don’t just want to win a few dollars,” says Joe the Second. “I make the types of bets that can get me a big victory. Over the years, I have had several nights where everything I did worked out just fine. I made killings on those nights. The other nights, I tend to blow my session stake.”
Joe the Second is a gambler, a lover of action, a man who desires the big thrill from a big win. Even though he knows he is so far behind at craps that he can probably never catch up, it doesn’t stop him from making the worst bets at the game.
“I admit it. I am a craps shooter. I love to get caught up in the game. I love making a whole bunch of bets. Sometimes I’ve gone to the casino with the thought that I’ll play a very tight game and not make the crazy bets. But when the action starts, my adrenaline starts pumping and before you know it I have all the hardway bets covered and I’m betting one-roll bets like they are going out of style.”

These two Joes teach us about the wide range of craps shooters. Indeed, most craps players tend to make decent bets with the occasional poor bet to make some big bucks if luck should hit.
While luck will occasionally hit, the times it doesn’t hit more than makes up for the money won when luck is the players’ lady on a given night.
“I don’t want to have to rely on great luck to bring home a victory,” says Joe the First. “If I make the very best bets at craps, I know I only need a little luck to bring home the money. I might not have those evenings where I cash in for $500 and leave with $5,000 but I rarely have evenings where I am just wiped off the board.
I have plenty of casino sessions where I finish a winner and go home with some of the casino’s money in my pocket. I like those evenings.”
Joe the Second, craps shooter does not agree with him. “I look at my gambling as a way to go into a world of fantasy, a world where I have a chance to do something incredible. I know that is silly but I leave the serious world when I leave work.
In a casino, I want to have fun and to me fun is going for big wins. Just coming home with 20 or 30 dollars is not really fun for me. So I bet accordingly. I’ll take all the trips that are losses just to have the few that are spectacular winners. That’s how I'm constructed.”

Which of these crap shooters is right? In my opinion, Joe the First is the wise gambler; Joe the Second is foolish. Yet, I realize that not everyone looks at casino gambling in the conservative way that I do. Unlike most casino gamblers, I look at those chips as real money and I want to get as many of them as I can – but without the fates being able to wipe me out as I go for them.
Joe the Second, craps shooter is not hurting for money. He enjoys his quest for the Holy Grail of large casino wins. For him, my method and attitude just doesn’t get the juices flowing. For him, casino gambling is an amusement park where you ride the craziest rides and hope for the best.
As a craps shooter, you have to decide where you fall on the gambling attitude line – are you closer to Joe the First or are you closer to Joe the Second?
Whatever your answer, you must have enough money to support your gambling tastes, as our Joes do, or you could be asking for thrills but receiving nothing but troubles.
If you want to take my advice – be closer to Joe the First.

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Because craps is a game with many long-shot bets, some paying as high as 30 to 1, a craps winner can catch a lucky streak and ride small buy-ins to big wins. It’s rare but it does happen.

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