Craps Quiz 2: Advanced

by Larry Edell

This Craps Quiz 2:Advanced will test your knowledge of numbers and strategies for this dice game, a lesson from Learn to Play Craps program.
Can you hear the roar of the crowd? That’s the sound of excitement at the Craps Table.
Are you ready to lay that bet as we begin this Craps Quiz?
1) What are the spots on the dice called?
A.  Spots
B.  Pips
C.  Dots
2) What is the name of the bowl on the table that is used to hold the dice?
A.  Dice Bowl
B.  Dice Cup
C.  Dice Boat
3) What does a $20 bet on the don't come four pay?
A.  $10
B.  $20
C.  $40
4) What does a $10 bet on the don't pass four with $10 odds pay?
A.  $15
B.  $20
C.  $30
5) If you have $22 inside and win all four bets, what would you win?
A.  $22
B.  $28
C.  $44

Craps Quiz Questions 6 – 10  
6) Which are the worst numbers to buy? craps quiz 2 at gambling teachers
A.  The four and ten
B.  The five and nine
C.  The six and eight
7) If you lay the four for $40 and win, what do you get back from the dealer?
A.  $39
B.  $59
C.  $79
8) Which two field numbers have a different payoff than the other field numbers?
A.  The two and twelve
B.  The three and eleven
C.  The four and ten
9) Which of the following is the worst bet?
A.  Laying the five and nine
B.  Buying the five and nine
C.  Placing the five and nine
10) If you bet $4 horn and the twelve rolls, what would you get back from the dealer?
A.  $27
B.  $57
C.  $17
Craps Quiz Answers:
1) B. They are called pips, but if you call them spots or dots, don't worry, the dealer will still take your bets!
2) C. It is a dice boat, because the original wooden containers looked more like small boats than bowls.
3) B. A flat $20 don't come bet with no odds plays only $20.
4) A. You win $10 for the flat portion of your bet. At 1:2 odds, you win $5 more for the odds, for a total of $15.
5) B. You'll win $7 each for the five and nine, plus $7 each for the six and eight. $14 plus $14 is $28.
Craps Quiz Answers 6 – 10
6) C. The Six and Eight are always better being placed, no matter what the size of your bet is.
7) B. You win $20 less $1 vig, plus you get your $40 back, for a total of $59.
8) A. The two and twelve usually pay 2:1 while all the other field numbers pay only 1:1.
9) B. The house edge on buying the five and nine is 4.7%. Laying the 5/9 is 3.2% and placing the 5/9 is 4.0%.
10) A. The horn pays 30:1 on the 12 so you win $30 and lose your other three $1 bets so your net win is $27.

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Tips, Terms & Wins

Craps Bets: Place the five or nine to lose.
You throw down eight dollars and place the above numbers to lose. If the seven shows, you win five dollars. The house edge is 2.5 percent.  

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