Craps Dealers: The Good and Bad

by Frank Scoblete

This is the story of two craps dealers: Tom and John. I believe that craps is the most exciting game in the casino.
Craps has a rhythm and movement that at times is breathtakingly exciting. The possibility for spectacular wins is always present; all you need is one hot shooter.
However, the real-world game of craps is often not up to the theoretical game because some craps dealers make it obvious that they aren't enjoying the game and are actually wishing that the craps players, as burnt-out dealer Tom said, "go down in flames."
Tom is a dealer of many years who does not respect the players.
In fact, he dislikes the players. "I really think that craps players are for the most part idiots. Their cheering and intensity is laughable to me. I just can't take them seriously. So I don't."

When Tom works the stick, he purposely puts his big belly out over the table, "They can shoot around me. It doesn't matter anyway how they shoot. The game is random. I find that shooters who take care with their rolls are irritating. Just pick the dice up and throw them.
I don't know why they bother to set and act as if they have some magic way to throw the dice. They don't." I played several times at Tom's table and I must say he is one of the most disagreeable dealers it has ever been my misfortune to meet.
He's always making comments under his breath but he often makes them so loud that you can hear him two or three tables away.
Even during good rolls, he takes no delight in players winning, or players tipping. I have never seen him even acknowledge a tip.
As great a game as craps can be, it can't reach its theoretical pinnacle when a dealer such as Tom is working the table.

John is a different story. John has been dealing for many years and works at one of the glamorous Las Vegas Strip casinos. John is a student and lover of the game.
 "I have read maybe thirty books on craps," said John, "and I sometimes play the game myself. I enjoy all the myths and superstitions of the game and I love to see shooters have great rolls. I think shooting the dice is the single most exciting thing in the casino. You are being given the opportunity with your own throw to beat the casino. It's a great feeling to pick up those dice and try to turn luck your way."
John is the type of dealer who actively roots for the players. Knowing that the dealers are in their corner makes the game of craps just that much more exciting for players. The craps dealers don't exist if there are no players.

Most craps dealers ride the range between Tom and John.
Many are not students of the game; they just deal, take the losing bets and pay the winning bets. While their professionalism is appreciated, such dealers merely allow the game to be played competently. They don't affect the feelings of the players at the table; competence is their contribution.
Craps dealers that tend to be like Tom, ruin the game for just about everyone. When some dealer is frowning and making sarcastic comments, only the dimmest player is unaware of it. The rest of the players are aware that this particular dealer is not someone who is making the game a fun experience.

Thankfully, when you run into dealers such as John, the game takes a leap upwards. Having a player-friendly dealer makes the game a team effort - us against the house. Dealers who root for the players are dealers who make the game fun - and they are also dealers who tend to get more tips as well.
Sadly, the disgruntled craps dealers are surely ruining the game for the players and they are hurting their own job prospects.
It is no secret that the new wave of casino managers, men and women who have not gambled and have no first-hand knowledge of what it's like to be a player, are always looking to cut costs.
A slow craps game, with all that personnel, is an easy fix - get rid of it and put money-making slot machines in the space.
I have noticed that many of the casinos have reduced the number of their craps tables - fewer tables equal fewer jobs.
The time of Tom, the craps dealer must come to an end or great craps dealers such as John will also be out of jobs.

We craps players love the game and we enjoy playing it at tables with great dealers. Dealers should look to John as the role model for craps dealers and as the potential savior of their jobs.

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