Blackjack Game Quiz 2

by Gayle Mitchell

The GT Blackjack Game Quiz 2 will test your knowledge level for this popular game.
Strategies, blackjack versions and language of the game are included in the test questions for this quiz. There are 10 questions and answers for the lesson that is part of the Learn to Play Blackjack program.
Novice and advanced players alike should benefit from this Blackjack Game Quiz.
Deal the cards and let’s begin your Blackjack education.

1) What is a Hard Hand in Blackjack? 
A. Hand that does not include an Ace.
B. Hand that the player stands on.
C. Hand that contains a Ten.
2) What is a Stiff Hand in Blackjack? 
A. Hand where the player must stand.
B. Hard Hand that totals 15 or 16 with first two cards.
C. Hand that contains a 2 or 3.
3) Which of these hands should you Surrender when playing multiple deck games?
Surrender definition: a player surrenders after receiving the first two cards and loses only half the original bet. 
A. Hard 16 when dealer shows a 9, 10, or ace
B. Hard 15 when dealer shows a 10.
C. Both of the above.
4). According to basic strategy, the correct play when you have a pair of 8’s versus a dealer’s 10 is to:blackjack quiz 2 at gambling teachers
A. Hit
B. Stand
C. Split

5) If you play blackjack with poor basic strategy, you give the casino an advantage of?
A. Over 5%.
B. Over 8%. 
C. Over 10%.

Blackjack Game Quiz Questions 6 - 10     
6) With this blackjack version, the rules are multiple 48-card decks, 10s are removed, player 21 always wins, player BJack beats dealer BJack, player may double after splitting, double down rescue, 5-card 21 pays 3:2, 6-card 21 pays 2:1, and 7-card pays 3:1.
The name of this blackjack version is?
A. European Advanced Blackjack
B. Super Fun 21
C. Spanish Blackjack

7) Which 2 Blackjack rules from 4 rules below are Player Advantage rules that favor the player?
A. Doubling on any first two cards.
B. Dealer hits soft 17
C. Increasing the number of decks of cards
D. Doubling down after pair splitting

8) Which 2 Blackjack rules from 4 rules below are Casino Advantage rules that favor the casino?
A. Blackjack pays 2 to 1
B. Blackjack pays 6 to 5
C. Double only on 10 and 11
D. Surrender

9) What does the term Back Counter mean in Blackjack?
A. Doubling Down on every hand dealt.
B. Card Counter checking out the deck and/or shoe waiting for a positive count.
C. Player placing a Bet for the Dealer.
10) What does the term Cold Turkey mean in Blackjack?
A. When the first two cards dealt are a hard 7 and 8.
B. When the first two cards dealt are a pair of 8’s.    
C. When the first two cards dealt are both face cards.
Answers to Blackjack Game Quiz.

1) A. Hand that does not include an ace. What you see with first two cards is your total count, such as 9 + 8 = 17.

2) B. A potential bust hand, Hard 15 or 16 are the two worst hands you can get (unless the 16 is two 8’s, then you split). A 13 or 14 count for first two cards also qualify.

3) C. While you should surrender both these hands, Do Not surrender a pair of 8’s
or Soft 15 or 16.

4) C. Split is the correct play here.

5) A. Casinos gain an advantage over 5%, however if played correctly with card counting, you can reduce that edge to less than 1%.

Blackjack Game Quiz Answers 6 - 10
6) C. Spanish Blackjack. Here are the rules for the other 2 versions:
European Advanced: In this double-deck game, blackjack pays 3:2, the dealer stands on soft 17, and both double down and split options are available.
Super Fun 21: Dealer hits soft 17, player may double after a split, double on any number of cards, late surrender is available, as is double down rescue. Blackjack pays even money.

7) A and D are player advantage rules.

8) B and C are casino advantage rules.

9) B. Card Counter checking out the deck and/or shoe waiting for a positive count.

10) C. When the first two cards dealt are both face cards.

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Blackjack Strategy:
Always stand on your hands of A7, A8, A9 against all dealer upcards.
Always hit on your hands of A2, A3, A4, A5, A6 against all dealer upcards.

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