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Learn to Win Programs-Lessons taught by gambling pros.
Gambling Teachers is a Free online Learning Center where you learn to win by professional gamblers. Learn to Win Programs offer 300+ lessons for casino games offered online and off.
Fact: less than 2% of casino players know the best, correct strategies and/or basic rules for most casino games.
At GT, you will discover success secrets from professional gamblers.
The only way to be a winner at a casino is to learn from other winners!
Gambling Teachers' Mission is to remain a free online learning Center, teach Learn to Win programs and lessons of value and retain our GT team of top gambling professionals.

To achieve this, our site is player-friendly with these benefits:
  • The learning center provides an all-inclusive gambling education.
    There are 12 Learn to Win Programs offering over 300 lessons taught by gaming pros plus 25 gambling quiz series.
  • Programs include: Poker 1 & 2, Blackjack, Craps, Slots 1 & 2, Video Poker, Bingo-Keno, Roulette, Sports Betting, GT Tips and Online Gaming Guide
  • Expert advice. Each teacher is a recognized gambling professional with 10+ years experience teaching, writing and presenting seminars.
  • Each Learn to Win Program offers rules, strategy lessons, game terms, fast track tips, quiz set and online casino guide.
  • GT provides a Search Site tool and access to 3 GT Series add-ons=Quiz, Fast Track and Casino Terms-Lingo on every page.
  • GT Quiz Series provides 25 quiz units for casino and skill games to test your knowledge and entertain. 
  • GT Fast Track Gambling Tips Series. Get on the learning fast track with 10 Quick Tips lessons for casino games.
  • Get into casino speak mode with GT Terms-Lingo Series. These 12 lessons provide casino gambling terms, lingo, jargon and phrases for all the popular games.
  • Click on the games menu to begin your education. Customized programs include a list of lessons taught for the game(s) and an Introduction.
  • Subscribe to GT Blog to receive updates, new lessons and to continue your online gambling education. No email address required.

  • GT has assembled the top gambling professionals.
  • This is no idle boast when you consider GT qualifications:
    • Career gaming writer and teacher.
    • Recognized as a leading gambling professional.
    • Writing and teaching for at least 10 years
    • Published books, articles, EBooks and taught seminars/courses
    This group of top gambling pros team up to teach at this site only. pledges to all our visitors to remain a Free online learning Center offering programs-lessons taught by pros.
    Further, the GT site presents an engaging interface that is easy on the eyes, thereby creating a fun, relaxed and educational experience.

    We encourage casino players to contact us with suggestions and comments to help us improve their learning experience.

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    Tips, Terms & Wins

    Gambling Teachers
    Free Learning Center presents Learn to Win Programs taught by gambling pros.
    This site offers enhanced content--navigation features that include a compact nav bar to easily access 12 Learn to Win programs and 300+ lessons, Search GamblingTs, pleasing graphics plus a Tips, Terms & Wins reminder box--all designed to educate and entertain casino players.

    3 GT add-ons: There are quick clicks on every page linking to the Gambling Quiz Series, Fast Track Series and Casino Terms Series --yours to explore.

    GT Series add-ons

    gambling quiz series

    25 Gambling Quiz

    fast track game tips series

    10 Fast Track Game Tips

    casino terms lingo

    12 Casino Terms-Lingo