Yahtzee Dice Game

This Yahtzee dice game lesson is part of the Learn Craps program for those players looking for alternative dice games.
This skill game is based on various traditional dice game like Poker dice, Cheerio and Yacht. Among these, the game Yacht is closest to Yahtzee.
Yahtzee was created by Milton Bradley, a US game company in the year 1973 for production and selling of the game with the logos.
Later it was purchased by Hasbro Inc. as it remains to this date.

From then on, the standard edition of Yahtzee game has taken various forms apart from the basic components such as the die, and the scorecards. Some of the editions are suited for travel with added components such as the dice holder, a cup for storage, a dice tray to roll up the die.
Additionally, there are smaller versions of the Yahtzee dice game that were created as a cup like structure that can be use as a key chain.
Yahtzee game has also become a popular slot machine found in land-based casinos.

Yahtzee Dice Game: Rules
This game is played with five die that are rolled out after which certain combinations will score points. This is one of those games that can be played by a single player or by a group.
The object is to score a maximum of 375 points on a single roll.

A player has the option to roll the dice three times out of which he chooses the best combination with maximum points. This form of the Yahtzee dice game is played in thirteen rounds and the player chooses the best combination for each rounds. The game is completed after scores are recorded in all the thirteen rounds.
The player with the maximum points at the end of 13 rounds is the winner.
The scores of all rounds are to be entered in a score sheet or a scorecard. This sheet has a list of all the 13 dice patterns and beside each is an empty box where the score for each round is entered.
When a player has scored in a roll, then the same process of rolling the dice continues until the 13th round that is the final round and ends the game.

Another important rule of thumb to follow is that a player cannot use the same combination technique twice.
As discussed earlier, a player can score a maximum of 375 points that is achieved by scoring 5 aces along with other combinations to a maximum of Yahtzee which is only a 50 pointer.

Yahtzee Dice Game: Scoring and statistical probabilities
So how can one score Yahtzee? By rolling a combination where all the 5 dice have the same value. Similarly, the lowest possible score is 5 with a roll displaying five 1’s.

Now let us consider the statistics of probabilities.
The probability of a Yahtzee for any three rolls would be approximately once (1) in 22 attempts. And the probability of it on the first roll of any turn is high at 1 in 1296 attempts.

Therefore, Yahtzee can be a very tactical game. Be it a tactical or strategy or a mind game, the worldwide interest factor in the game beats everything else.

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