Blackjack Quiz 1

by Gayle Mitchell

Test your knowledge with this Blackjack Quiz brought to you by Learn to Play Blackjack program.Hit, stand, surrender and double-down strategies are part of this Blackjack Quiz.
Deal the cards and let’s begin...  

1) What is the objective in Blackjack?
A. To get as close to 21 as possible. 
BTo beat the Dealer. 
C. To read Dealer ‘Tells’. 
2) Which is the best table for players based on these rules? 
ADealer Must Hit Soft 17
BDealer Must Draw to 16 and Stand on All 17s
CDealer Must Draw to 16 and Stand on All 17s, single deck play.
3) What is a Soft Hand? 
A. Hand with a pair in first two cards dealt.
B. Hand with a pair of Tens in first two cards dealt.
C. Hand that includes an Ace in first two cards dealt.
4) What is Surrender?
A. Player tosses first 2 cards dealt and loses half their original bet.
BPlayers tosses cards and loses entire bet.
CPlayer tosses first two cards and loses 1/3 of original bet.
5) When should you Double Down with a 10?
A. You should always Double Down with a 10.
B. When the dealer shows a 2 through 9.
C. When the dealer shows a 10 or Better.
6) What Pairs should you NEVER Split? blackjack quiz at gambling teachers
A. 2’s, 3’s and 7’s. 
B. 4’s, 5’s and 10’s.        
C. 8’s and Aces.
7) With a BJack card counting system, known as ‘true count’, what is the value of a 7, 8 or 9 with multiple decks in play?
A. Count is 0.
B. Count is +1.
C. Count is -1.
8) How often will a Dealer bust? 
A. 1/3 of the time, approximately once every 3 hands.
B28% of the time, approximately once every 4 hands.
C. 20% of the time, approximately once every 5 hands.
9) Casino Z offers single deck Blackjack with these rules/conditions. Which is the best?      
ABlackjack Pays 6-5.  
BBlackjack Pays 3-2.
CContinuous Shuffler to speed up the game.  
10) What does the term ‘Snapper’ mean?
A. When the first two cards dealt are a pair of Aces.
B. When the first two cards dealt are a pair of 10’s           
C. When the first two cards dealt are an ace and a ten.

Check here for the Blackjack Quiz Answers:
How did you do at the Blackjack Quiz?

1) B. The objective is not to get as close to 21 as possible, but to beat the dealer.
It’s very possible to win with a 13 or 14 count and a Dealer Bust.
2) C. The best tables are: Dealer Must Draw to 16 and Stand on All 17’s, use a single deck, have no restrictions on doubling down, allow re-splitting, and have a surrender option available.
3) C.  Includes an Ace. This hand has two values, depending on whether you use the ace as 1 or 11. Therefore, a 5 and an ace could be 6 or 16.
4) A. Player surrenders after receiving first two cards and loses only half their original bet.  An early surrender when the player forfeits his or her hand before the dealer checks for a 21 is the best surrender option.
5) B. When the dealer shows a 2 through 9. Note: You get one card only if you double down.
6) B. Never Split 4’s, 5’s and 10’s. Some additional strategies: 2’s, 3’s, 6’s, 7’s—Split on 2 through 7 Dealer Upcard. Always Split 8’s and Aces.      
7) A. True Count is 0 for 7, 8 or 9 while 2-6 = +1 and 10, Face and Aces = -1 for multiple decks.
8) B. Dealer will bust about once every 4 hands played (28%). Players will be dealt a blackjack about once every 21 hands and lose more often than win when dealt an 18.
9) B. Pays 3-2 because paying 6-5 is far worse. Also, avoid any table that uses a continuous shuffling machine as the cards after each round are returned to the shuffler.
10) C. When first two cards dealt are an ace and a ten.

May all your hands Snap, Crackle with delight and Pop for a Big Win!
Thank you for taking our Blackjack Quiz.

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You only have to beat the dealer: you can win with a 13 or 14 hand and a dealer bust.
Master hit/stand strategies and true count system for card counting.

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